Posted by: Barrak Al-Babtain | August 28, 2010

Gray Water Ablution

The topic of tonight’s episode of the brilliant MBC show ‘khawatir’ was about water conservation. They showed how much water was being wasted during ablution. Changing attitudes towards consumption would be great, but to push this even further we need to reuse the water that is collected through the drain.

This waste water is pretty much clean greywater that we can use directly for irrigation. Here’s a study of testing done on ablution wastewater that shows that it can be used safely for irrigation. Under every ablution space there should be a water tank that collects all the water that’s used after ablution. This water is then pumped out at regular intervals to irrigate a garden surrounding the mosque, preferably growing edible plants. This would help reduce the temperature of the space, grow some food and avoid wasting water.



  1. wow, thanks for the info! it helped!

  2. This is not a design issue! All you need is a large cup of water to do it properly and people simply waste too much! You need to educate; and not give an excuse for excessive use.

    • Bu Yousef, you’re right. The thing is, that habits are very hard to break. Even if we do, there’s always going to be some water being wasted and we can reuse this water locally right away to irrigate the mosque.

      Some might say that we already do this on a large scale, that most of the sewage is treated and then used to irrigate Kuwait. That’s true, but why put more strain on the mega infrastructure of Kuwait if we can solve all these little problems locally? If every little bit of architecture is more efficient, then we won’t need so much water and sewage treatment.

  3. not sure if people really lack awareness or just plain careless … so ts a very good idea to reuse the water being wasted

  4. Sustainability is way to future – majority is already aware but careless in terms of using water and its really good to treat water and reuse. Its too good to solve problems locally.

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