Posted by: Barrak Al-Babtain | September 17, 2011

Gubei Gold Street

When thinking of what Salem alMubarak Street could be this is what I kept imagining, a great urban renewal project in Shanghai that has almost the same scale and density as SAM Street.

People usually think of buildings without caring about what happens in the space between them. We keep making that mistake in Kuwait.

Before and after shots of the renewal of the pedestrian promenade in Gubei, which I hope is one day replicated in Kuwait:



  1. I really do hope they take this to heart! We need to improve our outdoor areas! People in Kuwait do love the outdoors when our weather permits! Even some place decent to walk! Some places are just a mess! One of our main problems is the Baladiya! They pretty much don’t give a flying @#$%@ about the look of a place, just about lining up the pocket of their friends and colleagues!

    But I still have hope for Kuwait! Look at what they did for Salhiya and honestly its beauitful to walk there!

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