Posted by: Barrak Al-Babtain | February 20, 2017

Before the Music Stops

I realized that I didn’t propose a solution to the previous post. I make a point of not simply complaining and pointing out what’s wrong without proposing what I feel needs to be done.

So here’s what I think we could do the help soften the blow of the coming EV (electric vehicle) revolution.

  1. Education, education, education. Nothing can save us without a productive and educated workforce. The education system in Kuwait has failed us. This needs to change urgently and we need to invest as much money and manpower to turn this disaster around. We need to graduate ambitious, creative and highly productive people.
  2. Change the building codes to emphasize extreme energy efficiency. We need to reduce our consumption and there is not much in current building codes that encourage better energy efficient design for homes and office buildings. This needs to change or else our city will continue to waste power (and money) on cooling.
  3. Slowly enact changes in fiscal policy that would push people towards being more efficient and productive. Subsidies feel nice but they encourage extremely wasteful behaviors. Instead of subsidizing fuel, electricity, water and education, just give people cash and let them spend it however they want. Then tax them. That way, citizens will demand much better services from the government since the feel invested.
  4. Build solar mega projects. We need to build so much solar that we have enough energy to survive without having to use any hydrocarbons for local consumption.

I don’t think any of it matters, though. There’s not enough time. The EV revolution will crush us.


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